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Online flight instructor service develops software to improve safety/proficiency with scenario-based training at home. FSC instructors can now control failures and weather while monitoring students

November 8, 2022 — Flight Sim Coach LLC (FSC) has developed new software called “FSC Link” which allows their remote flight instructors to control and monitor a student’s home flight simulator. This will allow home flight simulator users worldwide to receive the highest-quality remote training from expert instructors.

The software solution consists of a remote instructor operating station plus plugins for two of the most popular home flight simulators, X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Flight Sim Coach founder Mike Catalfamo says, “Previously, we were limited to remotely monitoring students via screen-sharing software like Zoom. FSC Link opens up many opportunities for improved training quality—especially for more advanced pilots who want to maintain peak proficiency at a minimal cost.”

With the new software, FSC instructors can introduce various failures (including engine failures, instrument malfunctions, and GPS outages) and dynamically modify weather conditions—all from behind the scenes. Furthermore, instructors can remotely monitor parameters such as flight control inputs and trim settings. This allows the instructors to identify bad habits that might otherwise be missed in a remote training environment.

“The ability of an experienced instructor to create unexpected situations is a game-changer for serious ADM (aeronautical decision-making) and SRM (single-pilot resource management) practice at home,” Catalfamo says.

“Imagine receiving weekly scenario-based training (SBT) targeting common causes of general-aviation accidents. For example, we can add unexpected tailwinds during landing to test your discipline in executing a go-around. Or slowly reduce the visibility to simulate a ‘VFR into IMC’ scenario. The possibilities are endless.”

The software is currently available only to FSC clients and instructors. Their services are available to anyone with an internet connection and even the most basic home flight simulator. FSC, founded in 2021, connects students with instructors who are experts in a variety of home flight simulators and aircraft types (including most general-aviation aircraft, helicopters, corporate jets, airliners, and even gliders).

They primarily help students prepare for real-world flight training, but they also assist hobbyist simmers or pilots aiming to stay proficient. They also offer assistance with the initial purchase and setup of a flight simulator. FSC instructors offer free consultations to those interested in discussing their services and developing a coaching plan. About Flight Sim Coach: Flight Sim Coach LLC was founded in 2021 to bring high-quality one-on-one flight instruction into the home simulation experience. The current team of remote coaches consists of over ten certified flight instructors from across the globe, each with extensive flight simulation expertise.

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