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3jFPS-wizard | Enjoy Smooth Flying Version 1.3 X-Plane 11

Update 3jFPS-wizard Optimized for X-Plane 11 Version 1.3 | November 4th 2018

We’re pleased to host – of course with the approval of Jörn-Jören Jörensön aka 3j – his 3jFPS-wizard (enjoy smooth flying) version 1.0 lua script, optimized for X-Plane 11.

This FlyWithLua plugin is a very advanced version of 3jFPS-control. It does the following:
– Keeps performance stable by adapting view distance and cloud quality ‘on the fly’
– Very smooth transitions to make visual effects barely noticeable
– Easy configurable with settings windows (no more editing of .lua file)
– Wizard mode guides you to find your best settings
– Change settings during flight and see immediately what you are doing
– Nice graphical and/or numeric FPS display
NEW FEATURE: you can set up 4 profiles with different settings for different situations (e.g. VR and non-VR)


This plugin uses some unofficial control parameters (so called “DataRefs”) of X-Plane. Though this is kind of a hack and something a programmer should not do normally, I did it because the effect of the plugin is really cool.
These unofficial DataRefs are undocumented and can change with every release or update of X-Plane. So it is not guaranteed at all, that this plugin will work with later X-Plane versions. When you install this plugin, please keep that in mind and don’t blame the developers of X-Plane, FlyWithLua or me, if the above said should happen!

The lua script is compatible with:
– X-Plane 11.xx
– NOT compatible with any other “auto-LOD” plugin (like AUTO_LOD1.3 or 3jFPS-control)

* RTH changes a bunch of parameters (DataRefs) once every second. Some of them are the same that this plugin sets regularily, so both plugins are somehow “fighting” which values to set. That can lead to an annoying flickering of clouds. 3jFPS-wizard will detect this problem and then open an alert box to inform you about it.

It gives you 3 options what to do:

  1. “PATCH”: The plugin will change the RTH script a little, so that it does not set these parameters, as long as 3jFPS-wizard is running. When 3jFPS-wizard is inactive or de-installed, RTH will work exactly as before. So you don’t need to worry, nothing gets destroyed… (To be absolutely sure, a backup copy of RTH.lua script is saved: “RTH.lua_jjjLib_BACKUP”). This is the recommend option, as it gives you full functionality of this plugin together with RTH doing all the rest of it’s very good job.
  2. “Cloud features OFF”: Simply turns off the cloud density and cloud puff size functions of 3jFPS-wizard, to avoid the problems with RTH. If you should turn them on again later, the alert box will open up again to remind you about the problems.
  3. “Ignore”: Least recommended, only for those who want deal with that issue manually in any way. (Or those who like flickering clouds.)


  • How to install:
    Install current version of FlyWithLua, if you don’t have it already. Download the FlyWithLua for X-Plane 10 via this link and use this link when you need the FlyWithLua for X-Plane 11.
  • Install my library 3jLib1 version 1.3 or higher (put jjjLib1.lua in ‘/Resources/plugins/FlyWithLua/Modules/’ folder, not ‘…/Scripts/’ folder!) via this X-Plained.Com link.
  • Download 3jFPS-wizard.lua from this page and copy it to ‘/Resources/plugins/FlyWithLua/Scripts/’ folder.


How to use it?
Click on the FPS display (on the upper left corner) to open the settings window or click in menu -> “Plugins” -> “FlyWithLua Macros” -> “3jFPS-wizard: open/close settings”. The settings window should be mostly self explanatory.

It has 3 sections (on top you can select the plugin mode):

  • AUTO: The plugin tries to keep your FPS stable. This is the default option.
  • MAX FPS: Visual quality is reduced to minimum, therefore FPS should reach their maximum value.
  • MAX QUAL: Visual quality is set to maximum, therefore FPS might go down a lot.
  • OFF: Bring X-Plane back to it’s original state (as if the plugin was not installed)

In the middle you can adjust the FPS-display. At the bottom you can open one of the 3 configuration modes:

  • EASY: Find your best settings with a few clicks
  • WIZARD: The wizard guides you through the process of detailed configuration, to help you find the perfect settings for your hardware and your personal taste. RECOMMENDED.
  • ADVANCED: For the nerds who want total contral without long explanations.

Issues, troubles etc. If you should have any problems, bug reports or support questions, please use the COMMENTS tab. Please do not use the reviews tab for this Kind of feedback, it is not possible to reply there.


DONATION to Jörn-Jören Jörensön:
It took me many, many hours neglecting my job and tons of chocolate to keep me awake to program this plugin. I did it for fun and to give something to the great X-Plane community. If you really like my work and you have a few bucks to give, you’re very welcome to make a little donation via PayPal ->

This package is offered to you by X-Plained.Com. It is free for personal and/or private use. It is not allowed to copy, publish or redistribute any part of any file or package from this website without prior permission from X-Plained.Com or from the developer. Commercial use of the package or parts of it, is prohibited in any way.
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3jFPS-wizard | Enjoy smooth flying, optimized for X-Plane 11 (19.1 KiB, 278 downloads)