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About Us

Hey All,

There’s a lot to tell about X-Plained. Our goal, yes, I’m not doing this alone – but with a group of enthusiastic reviewers and some scenery developers – is to offer you all kind of reviews or product impressions and when time and effort allows us to have columns with critical interviews, articles or tutorials about how things work and much more. That will be fun and perhaps it will open your eyes for new things!

Further on, X-Plained will also be an open source platform for scenery development, at least, that’s what I have in mind. One of my personal passions – from Angelique van Campen – besides writing manuals, impressions and tutorials, is also to start with scenery development. For that and for my good friends – Marc Leydecker (a.k.a. Belga12345) and Freddy De Pues – this website will be an outlet for them too.

But who are we? Let’s give you an overview of the current crew:

– Rick Verhoog
– Jude Bradley
– Nabil Alanbar
– Angelique van Campen (responsible for “X-Plained”)

– Marc Leydecker
– Freddy De Pues


Contact Us

We’re trying our best to fulfill others wishes by writing comprehensive reviews and/or in-depth impressions. Occasionally writing interesting and educational articles is also my goal, but perhaps you have requests, ideas or thoughts. Therefore, comments, remarks, wishes, ideas and/or questions are always welcome. So please don’t hesitate to contact us.

On behalf of all our staff members,
Angelique van Campen

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