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Airbus A330 v3 Items

On behalf of Evgeny, lead developer of JAR Design Group, I would like to share with you some notes we received from him in respect to the A330 v3 review.

According to Evgeny “I would like to highlight a couple of interesting items for the simmer. Let me point them out to you as well as some screenshots. The screenshot below each text block deals with this text block.”

To load the aircraft with fuel, passengers and luggage, a realistic loading sheet is used. Requested from MCDU MENU -> LOAD AND FUEL. Pilot can check all the weight parameters, as well as see the CG of the airplane before take-off. Make sure what it is correct and read the required stabilizer angle (THS) initial settings.

As a minimum, before taking off with this plane, the pilot needs to enter the parameters on the MCDU PERF TAKE OFF page. In this case, the JARDesign MCDU offers assistance for beginners and greatly simplifies their preparation for the flight. For example, instead of calculating speeds yourself, it’s fashionable to simply press the corresponding LSK (Line Select Key) and the correct values will be automatically calculated. V1, V2, Vr, THR RED/ACC ALT, THR ACC ALT, FLAPS/THS on PERF TAKE OFF page may be set up by clicking on the corresponding MCDU keys without any scratchpad entry.

The aircraft has 3 screen navigation system widgets. This is the MCDU widget itself (can be called up on the screen through the command jd/fmgs/CommandShowMcdu or by tapping the MCDU screen in 3D cockpit), a large MAP where pilot can view the detailed flight plan (can be called up on the screen through the command jd/fmgs/CommandShowAm ) and ND display widget (can be called up by tapping the ND in 3D cockpit). The large MAP widget have several features include vertical profile review which is helpful for flight plan preparation.

Pilots may use our Sim Liveries ( website to select and download for free more than 150 liveries for the JD330 aircraft. More than 20 different ground equipment liveries may find there go ground handling staff what will work with JD330 for free.

Navigation display may show weather radar information as well as Terrain on ND information.

The new version allows reading the plan in ICAO-format and saved to 330/FlightPlan/ folder as text file, or plan saved by the pilot using MCDU DATA -> DATA INDEX2 page -> PILOT ROUTES -> SAVE CO-ROUTE. In addition, we have included the ability to automatically prepare a plan based on the NavData currently loaded on the aircraft.

And finally, some additional screenshots provided and courtesy of the JAR Design Group. Enjoy!


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