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UPDATE January 13th 2019:

We’re at are pleased to inform you that we updated / new the following libraries:
New DT Library version 1.1.0

We’re pleased to inform you that X-Plained.Com has added a new library; DT Library from Darrell Thompson aka Org user Tbolt47. With his approval we’ve another library added to our constant growing list of libraries. Many thanks Darrell that we’re allowed to host/promote this package too.

According to Tbolt47; This is my scenery library. I wanted some better markings for smaller and medium sized airfields. Included files are:

  • Standard runway number, “new” clean and aged
  • Yellow taxi lines in two widths black outlined ones also included
  • Faded yellow taxi lines
  • Yellow enhanced taxi lines
  • White lines in numerous widths suitable for runway center lines and threshold bars, “new” clean and aged, black outlined ones also included
  • Hold markings
  • White and Yellow chevrons
  • Yellow markings come in four different shades of yellow
  • All come with normal files

As always, we try to keep our libraries for you up-to-date. Whenever you see something that in your opinion is no longer up-to-date, or that “your library” is not on the list, please contact us via or directly to

For your convenience, here are the direct links to all the libraries we offer (as per January 13th 2019):
– New DT Library version 1.1.0

– 3D People 3.9 (external link)
 Aircraft Static and Animated Aircraft to version 5-2017
– BS2001 Objects Library version 1.2
 CDB library version 2.4
Cemetery Library 1.0
– European Vehicles (static) Library 1.01
Flags of the World version 2.0
– Flags of the USA States version 2.0
– FF Library
– FF Library Extended
Flyby Planes version 4.0
Hard Surface Library 1.0
Handy Objects to version 6.80
 HungaryVFR Library Public Beta 1.0.0
– Japan Pro version 1.02
MisterX6 Airport Environment HD version 2.1
MisterX6 Library version 1.61
MisterX6 HD Forst version 1.0.1
– Updated NAPS Library version 6.2
– People Library 1.11
R2_Library 2.0
– RA Library version 1.2
 RD library 1.3
– RescueX
 RE library 1.8
– RuScenery
Sea Life Library 1.0
– Static GA Aircraft Australia Library 1.0
Static GA Aircraft New Zealand Library 1.1
The FAIB Aircraft library to version 4.0
THE-FRUIT-STAND Aircraft Library version 3.0
The Handy Objects Library version 6.80
– US Forests and Woodland for Ortho scenery version 1.0.0
– Waves Library 1.1
World Models 0,8.0
x-Prefab Library to version 7.1
 XAirport Scenery library version 1.1