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Looking for a great glider and looking for an adventure with the Lange Aviation Antares 20E from Aerobask?

If you like gliding with the possibility to use the onboard motor, then this Aerobask Antares 20E is a great model. Together with the thermal plugin from Alex Ferrer, your X-Plane 10 and/or X-Plane 11 adventure can begin.

Stephane Buon, lead developer of Aerobask modeled this glider a while ago, and recently it was updated for X-Plane 11 and when I say updated, the glider benefits now of all the new X-Plane 11 features.

Angelique van Campen, your personal reporter as always, has tested the Antares 20E with both X-Plane 10.51 and X-Plane 11 including the special thermal plugin. Was it worth it, was it fun, did it all work? You can read it in her comprehensive review.