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aerobask-epic_victory-2Aerobask lead developer Stephane Buon is pleased to announce on behalf of his team the release of the Epic Victory version 2.0.

Version 2.0 features the brand new Skyview touch. The Skyview® is a new generation of glass panel avionics available in small aircraft. The new ‘Touch’ system allows for easy input of data into the FMS. It also includes support for SID, STAR, Airways and TCAS. The Epic Victory 2.0 is Aerobask’s best aircraft yet. Expect similar updates to be ported to their other aircraft in the weeks to come.

Some of the the new/updated Skyview touch features are:
– (internal) new memory model with lower footprint on luajit
– (internal) new modular architecture, easier to maintain
– new flight plan management
– new virtual keyboards (numeric and alphanumeric)
– better handling of physical keyboard in combination with virtual
– basic SID and departure transitions support (waypoints only)
– basic STAR, final and arrival transitions support (waypoints only)
– Airways (low and high) support
– change map orientation with on-screen click
– and much more.

Want to read all about the new features and/or improvements, check out this dedicated change log web page.