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You personal reporter and long time reviewer Angelique van Campen took a lot around, and in it and flew with the AD Simulations Bombardier CRJ700 jet. The result of this check is a comprehensive review of the Bombardier jet and it was worth her time.

According to Angelique “The 3D external modeling is well done. It comes with lots of tiny details including high quality textures, which are all 4K pixels. The virtual cabin and 3D cockpit are modeled with love and again, with eye for many tiny details. And yes, the FMS, Auto Flight and a couple of other systems are using the default X-Plane systems.”

Further on “These systems are not yet dedicated programmed by the AD Simulations team, but according to what they told me and what can be read on the dedicated X-Plane.Org forum, work is in progress and dedicated systems will be implemented step by step.”

Although there’s still some work to do, it is worth your time to read this in-depth AD Simulations CRJ700 review. Enjoy and comments are as always welcome.