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Everybody knows the X-Plane developer Airfoillabs, right?
Airfoillabs had set new standards with their Cessna 172SP, but the King Air 350 goes even further. We from X-Plained are therefore pleased that our dedicated reviewer Andy Clarke had a thorough look into the Airfoillabs A350.

One of the conclusions from Andy is “This is a very detailed model and can appear quite daunting given the number and complexity of the systems that are modelled. I was very impressed by the detail of the aircraft and it’s sound package. The exterior and interior modelling is completed to a high standard creating a very interesting and convincing environment. It is great to fly immediately and is stable but responsive.” but there’s more.

Andy continues “The systems are modelled very accurately and in great detail and will take a less experienced user some time to learn yet the aircraft can be flown successfully and enjoyably without using them, if that is what the user wants. What makes the package even more impressive is the extent to which the developers have worked to make the whole aircraft accessible and understandable to all levels of pilot.”

You can read this and much more in Andy’s comprehensive Airfoillabs King Air 350 review.