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Andy Clarke, one of our reviewers, discovered the Alabeo Cessna C170 B. Oh yes, it’s an easy to go, non complex GA tail dragger, but Andy had a lot of fun flying it.

According to Andy “This model is not designed to have a high level of sophistication and is created to portray an aircraft of this vintage. The detail and character of the model really do achieve this and the thought put in to liveries, colours, textures and wear and tear does pay off. The lack of complicated navigation systems creates its own challenges but adds to the realism and also makes the model straight forward to fly.”

And “It does possess its challenges as it is a tail wheel aircraft and therefore visibility can be limited at times. I think it is a good model on which to learn the fundamentals of this design of aircraft before trying out others such as the various war birds. The model is fun to fly and creates interest for pilots and users of all levels of experience. The aircraft is light, responsive and forgiving and great fun to use.”

Want to read all about the Alabeo C170 B? Then check out Andy’s comprehensive review.