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The AOA Simulations team created another masterpiece. This time they modeled the famous USAF trainer, the Beechcraft T-6A Texan II. According to the AOA team “This trainer was developed using the official USAF 1T-6A-1 Flight Manual and SNFO (Student Naval Flight Officer) P-880 Aircraft Systems explanatory guide. It’s compatible with both X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 12. It comes with two default liveries, USAF and U.S. Navy TAW-5, but another bunch of 30 (!) additional liveries is available on the freeware download manager. This is the T-6A model with federated (many small units combined into one system) glass display panels. The project has been in development since February 23, 2020 and is our most detailed model to date.”

The T-6A Texcan II has been reviewed by your personal reporter and ex-ground engineer and technical trainer Angelique van Campen. Although it cost Angelique also a lot of time to check all the systems, it was more then worth to check and above all, to fly the modeled Texan II trainer. According to Angelique “it’s an awesome modeled, and it flies great and as far as she could tested, highly realistic, in particular when using the R2 mode. The AOA support is user / simmer friendly and besides that, AOA Simulations is a well known X-Plane modeler. They are known about their well crafted military fighters and also a GA aircraft while the Texan T-6A is slightly different in that way. It’s not as fast at the fighters, it has a single turboprop engine, but it’s for the design an elegant and maneuverable trainer.”

Curious what she has to say and what she all tested? Then, sit back, relax, take a coffee, tea or something else, but above all, take the time to read her comprehensive and highly detailed review. Enjoy!