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We’re pleased to offer you an in-depth review of the Alabeo C177 Cardinal for X-Plane 11, but first, let me introduce you Bruce Knight, our new reviewer and real licensed PPL pilot. It’s my pleasure to have Bruce being a member of our team. We’re both looking forward to see many reviews from his hand.

Bruce his first review isn’t just a review … it’s a comprehensive realistic examination of this Alabeo aircraft. According to Bruce “In full disclosure I have never flown a Cessna-177, however I do have significant time in a C-172 and have flown a C-182 with a CFI onboard. Both of these real aircraft are very stable and exhibit a heavy and stable feel, which is translated into the Cessna-177 very well. I am very impressed by the stability of the flight model, almost to the point that I feel it’s a shame to use the autopilot and let “George” have all the fun!”

And Bruce thinks that “For anyone who wants to step into the world of “complex aircraft” from a slower C-172 or similar, this product by Alabeo is a beautiful way to do that.”

Curious what Bruce has to say more? Then you must check out his in-depth review here at X-Plained.Com. Enjoy!