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We’re exited to offer you on behalf of our dedicated reviewer Bruce Knight, a well written and comprehensive review of the Carenado Beechcraft Baron 58 for X-Plane 11. Bruce traveled for his Baron 58 investigation to many places and one of this is Chicago. The result … amazing!

According to Bruce “The stability, ease in handling, the feeling of having a heavy aircraft under your control- even how it is unforgiving if landings are done without sufficient airspeed. While I was generating my “numbers” table in the test flight, I found them to be overall relatively close to the real thing.”

Bruce continues “The graphics and look of this model is amazing (even given the few small issues I found).  Great sound and good handling, along with effective lighting, to me all equals immersion, and this product is certainly that- I had a feeling of satisfaction after flying it, not frustration, which I often get if it doesn’t feel almost real.”

Want to know all about the Baron 58 from carenado? Then you must read Bruce his in-depth Beechcraft Baron 58 for X-Plane 11 review. Enjoy!