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X-Plained.Com is pleased to inform you on behalf of Andy Clarke, our dedicated reviewer, that Andy checked out for you the Carenado Cheyenne II for X-Plane 11 aircraft. According to Andy “A high quality model which is realistic both inside and out with a large amount of modelled equipment and a comprehensive sound package. The developers provide a very useful on screen menu which enables the user to initiate changes to the model, livery and various settings without leaving the flight itself.”

And Andy continues “The modelling is carried out in detail and provides a very immersive experience. I think the model would benefit from the provision of a bespoke aircraft manual for the model to allow a user to use it to the full potential provided by the hard work of the developers.

The aircraft is fun to simply jump in and fly but does provide a progressively more challenging flight environment as more and more systems are employed correctly. An impressive model which can be a great platform from which to learn and experience twin engined flight whilst at the same time providing enjoyment and challenge for pilots of all levels.”

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