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Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen loves Florida, US and then in particular with the Orbx TrueEarth ortho scenery, but there’s more. And that more are aircraft. Although Angelique had her PPL lessons in New Smyrna Beach (KEVB) she drove from north top south, from, west to east to explore Florida.

In this new adventure she explores the Carenado SR22 GTx G3 for X-Plane 11 GA aircraft. A great aircraft for your IFR flights. That said, she tried to find all the ins and outs of this GA model and did that on a IFR flight from Key West to Daytona Bech International Airport.

Was it fun? Did you had any issues or did she like the aircraft. According to Angelique “it’s a great aircraft to practice, especially in combination with the installed X1000 from Laminar Research. The X1000 represents the Garmin G1000 with all the components that belong to this. Although the simulated G1000 doesn’t offer all what the real G1000 has, it’s still fun to fly this aircraft.”

Curious how it was? Curious what she thinks of it? Then you must read this comprehensive review link. Enjoy!