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Once in a while new X-Plane 11 add-on products have a kind of wow factor. That’s for example with this Carenado Fokker F-50 aircraft. Originally made in the Netherlands, but for you reviewed by our dedicated reviewer Bruce Knight. The same as for me, Bruce flew as passenger, many times with this Fokker F50 while I worked during those days at Schiphol-East and have seen the Fokker models – F27, F28, F50, F70 and the F100.

Back to Bruce and his Fokker adventure. As you can expect, once Bruce is enthusiastic about a product, he can’t stop but the end result is a comprehensive and very detailed with lots of examples how to handle the aircraft. According to Bruce “textures- both internal and external- are very well done. All the flight deck and cabin functions as well as the gear animations are very good. The aircraft is a joy to fly, and is stable in flight so that those who would rather fly the aircraft without the auto-pilot will enjoy doing so. Carenado have incorporated a functional passenger cabin, including moving arm rests, tray tables as well as working lighting. I would recommend this aircraft as being ideal for short-haul regional operations. It’s a fun aircraft to fly!”

Curious what else Bruce has to say? Check out his in-depth Fokker F50 review at X-Plained.Com.