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Something new, something refreshing, something to think about or something … ah, whatever!

That said, your personal reporter Angelique van Campen decided on special request to check out the Digital Replica Cessna C310L. According to Angelique “we’re talking about a very old and perhaps even historical aircraft. Ok, not historical as the Douglas DC-3 or Convair models, not even famous as the Fokker F-28 or F-27, but around the year 1960 and before, it was a hot model, the Cessna C310L.”

Angelique continues “Wrapping it all together, keeping in mind the price, this Digital Replica aircraft model is nearly half the price from twin engine competitors which makes it a great choice to try out this Cessna C310L. and she can tell you that it was worth the time to check it out. Miguel from Digital Replica was very helpful in answering my questions and issues, which helped me a lot. That the Auto Pilot is custom-made is awesome for such a package price.”

Do you want to know all – ok, nearly all – about it? Then you should read, but keep in mind that it’s a very long review, this comprehensive Digital Replica C310L review. Enjoy and comments are welcome!