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As we all know, FlightFactor released somewhere in July another member of their 757/767 aircraft line, the 767-400ER.That was the moment Roman from FlightFactor asked us to review their -400ER. Although Angelique van Campen knew already that it will be a long and in-depth review, she ask the help from Paul Beckwith, our dedicated reviewer. The result is a massive review including all the ins and outs of this -400ER model.

Was it worth our time, is it worth the additional package that covers the -400ER including a brand new EFIS, EICAS and the remodelled flight deck? Yes, that’s the biggest difference, the flight deck that looks very similar to the Boeing 777. Together we explored the models -400ER, Paul had a hard time to write down all the ins and outs of the EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) while Angelique takes you on a kind of tutorial flight from KPAE, home of one of the Boeing factories, to KSAN San Diego.

Curious? WE advice you to relax, take enough tea of coffee with you since this comprehensive review is past the 20.000 words!