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While your personal reporter and longtime reviewer Angelique van Campen is writing and writing, and seeking for additional information and adding interesting sections, she proud, also on behalf of the JARDesign Group, to present to you a comprehensive review of the JD340-500. It wasn’t written in one day, nor in a week. It almost took a month to complete this review, but it’s worth it. Lots of sections that are more then juist a review, more like a tutorial. The review also includes JAR Co-Pilot Linda which is a great addition for this aircraft. The free Linda works only on the ground and does all the checklists and procedures for you, while the paid Linda helps you also in the skies.

Anyway, although Angelique instructed at the Lufthansa Technical Training centers in Hamburg and Munich the Airbus A340-200/-300, her love for Airbus aircraft in general and in particular for the A340-500/600 is huge. That said, she loved the aircraft and although a couple of things need to be corrected (the JAR team is already working on those tiny things), the overall is a well modeled/crafted aircraft with gorgeous 3D cockpit.

I invite you to sit back, take the time, relax, and don’t forget to take a cup of coffee, tea or whatever you prefer, since this JD340-500 review is approximately 19.000 words, so a very long read, but worth it (she thinks). You can read the JD340-500 review via this in-depth review link at X-Plained.Com.