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On behalf of our new reviewer Wisnu Tanggap Prabowo, I’m pleased to inform you that Wisnu has written a comprehensive review of the Mig-15 from ML Aero Design Group (MLADG).

According to Wisnu “We are the students of history. It shapes our identity. It shapes the reality today and the future. Aviation is no exception. The past shapes the aircraft designs. Aviation also learns from the past; the mistakes, errors, accidents, incidents, dogfights, the flops, the philosophy…. everything.”

This is what this product is all about, it takes you back to the decades and help you simulate how it was like to fly one of the most influential aircraft in history, and the deadliest opponent of the west in aerial superiority in the Cold War.The Mig is a part of it, and this addon tries to simulate just that. Has the developer done a good job? I would say yes.”

Via this in-depth review link you can read all about it.