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Your personal reporter and reviewer Angelique van Campen is pleased to inform you that on behalf of the Thranda Design team she tried to find all the ins and outs of the modeled DHC-2 Beaver. And I can tell you, she had a lot of fun reviewing this model.

According to Angelique “It was an awesome experience to review the modeled Beaver by Thranda and perhaps we will review the Pilatus PC-6 too since I’m impressed by what I’ve seen and how it’s made. And this also concludes our Part I of the Thranda Beaver with wheels. As I mentioned before, our Part II of the Thranda Beaver will cover the seaplane model.”

And “For those who like to fly in the bush bush they need the tundra wheels or when just fly to/from paved airports, you can equip them the Beaver with normal sized wheels. But for those who love to fly to snowy sceneries, they can equip the Beaver with skis etc.”

You can read her in-depth Beaver impression via this link. Enjoy the reading and feel free to comment.