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Our dedicated reviewer Paul Beckwith started to explore the Airfoillabs Next Generation Cessna C172 Skyhawk, but came quickly to the conclusion that this is a comprehensive model with lots of features. No, not lots of feature … a huge amount of features.

According to Paul “Part 2, We will climb on in, finish our pre-flight, start up, taxi, and take-off. We will then put the Cessna through its paces and try out a few scenarios to see what they do and how they work. Finally, we’ll bring it down to land and wrap it all up.” You can read this and much more in his Part 2 of the amazing Airfoillabs C172 Skyhawk Digital.

And for those who missed part 1, here’s the link to Paul in-depth Part 1 of his Airfoillabs Next Generation Cessna C172 Skyhawk impression. Enjoy the reading.