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Couldn’t we stop or did we had enough time, did we had a holiday or ….? No, we didn’t, but  X-Plained.Com reviewer Bruce Knight had more then enough time to check out once more the JARDesign JD332 version 3.3r1. Anyway, this is Part II and what can we say about it?

According to Bruce “I have never flown an A332- nor will I ever do so, and I wanted to have a good appreciation of what I should expect from an X-Plane 11.41 model vs what would be unreasonable to anticipate would be modelled. I even reached out to a retired A320 captain- knowing that the systems are so similar to an A332 that pilots can transition between one and the other. As I became more aware of the complexity of the systems, I also realized how well the JARDesign aircraft works.”

Curious what I has seen on his US flight, and what Bruce found out more, and decided what to do and so on? Take a cup of coffee, tea or whatever you prefer, sit back, relax and enjoy his comprehensive US test flight review.