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When you’re familiar with X-Plained.Com reviews, you know that we not only try to write comprehensive reviews, we also want to add additional sections with in-depth information in it. What those sections are, depends on the reviewer. Whatever it is, we – Angelique van Campen and Paul Beckwith – try to do our best, and that’s the same for this Rotate McDonnell MD-11F.

There’s then always the end of a review. Not often a product is tested and written by two reviewers. Due to the complexity of the modeled Rotate MD-11F, Angelique van Campen asked Paul Beckwith if he was interested in helping her with testing and writing. That the review will be a long one, that was something she expected already, but again, it’s a massive in-depth high quality review. Yes yes, I know, only our readers and the developer can tell us if the review is of a good and honest quality. Still Angelique thinks that the overall review written by Paul and Angelique is one of passion, passion in the same way the Rotate team tried to modeled this McDonnell Douglas MD11-F.

Rotate has created sharp and clear textures where they are needed and have found healthy compromises to preserve frame rates as is a necessity on a model this large and complex.

But there’s so much more to write, and to tell about this McDonnell Douglas MD-11F. And yes, it’s officially the freighter version, but for sure later in time a passenger model will be added. For now we can only say “enjoy our review, enjoy the passion of Rotate team members with our comprehensive Rotate MD-11F review.