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Although our dedicated and real PPL pilot Bruce Knight may life in the USA, his roots go back to NZ or New Zealand. That said, Bruce is pleased to offer you a in-depth review of the Carenado Saab 340.

According to Bruce “An aircraft such as this is very well suited to short regional routes that can be flown in less than an hour. The sound is excellent, as is the lighting and texturing, and the depth of the simulation I found to be very nice. The features in the model such as independent movement of seat reclining, tray tables and passenger lighting are very well done and equal to or better than anything else I have tried to date. All of this is surpassed only by the great customer support on the forum where questions are answered very promptly.”

But Bruce thinks that “there’s so much more to tell you all the ins and outs about this well-modeled and comprehensive with lots of details Saab 340 aircraft.” Want to read it all? Want to read Bruce comprehensive review? I’m quite sure you want and therefore, X-Plained is pleased to offer you his well written and in-depth Saab 340 review.