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With the holidays behind all of us, our dedicated reviewer Andy Clarke found enough time to explore the vFlyteAir C150 Commuter. It’s fun to fly such a training GA model. Although Andy never flew this Cessna in real, I can tell you that it flies great. With this tiny model you really learn to fly!

According to Andy “The modelling and sound package of this aircraft is to a high standard and the documentation supplied is interesting, relevant and useful, needing perhaps a couple of small updates. The model is easy to load and is very interactive even though it is a relatively basic aircraft. It is easy to simply load and fly.”

Andy continues “The C150 was designed as a trainer aircraft and in my view this model makes a great platform for X-Plane users to learn how to use X-Plane itself, basic navigation equipment and skills and to gain flight experience.”

Want to read Andy’s whole review? Then follow this comprehensive link and enjoy!