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Our dedicated reviewer Paul Beckwith explored the VSkyLabs Maule M-7-235B Project aircraft for X-Plane 12. As on owner said “My Maule is a fairly straightforward airplane to fly—but a very nuanced and difficult airplane to fly well. I am constantly working on improving our relationship.” but what experiences Paul.

Paul experienced that the modeled Maule “The VSKYLABS Maule M-7-235B Project is a noteworthy addition to the fleet of aircraft available for X-Plane 12. If your idea of fun is low and slow observation of the world beneath your wheels, the Maule will provide you with hours of that as well. This aircraft is also for those pilots who want to experience the world of conventional gear or “taildragger” aircraft. It is subject to all the benefits and pitfalls of a taildragger while having a little more tailwheel authority and stability than I’ve experienced in other taildraggers.”

But Paul has much more to say then only this. On behalf of Paul and X-Plained.Com we invite you to check out Paul’s comprehensive VSkyLabs Maule M-7-235B review. Enjoy!