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First of all, I welcome you our new reviewer Todd C. Immediately your personal reporter Angelique would like to add to this that we’re pleased on behalf of Todd, that he finished his first comprehensive review of the VSkyLabs PAC CT/4E Airtrainer.

According to Todd “The aircraft exterior modeling is very well done though the lights seem a little large for the aircraft. While the fueling latches could have been identified, it did not take away from the beauty of the exterior model. The decals and paint are very clean and crisp and truly represents the real CT/4E.”

Todd continues “The aircraft systems and the overall flight model are realistic based on my research and observation of real-world flights of the CT/4E via You Tube. Flying the aircraft is also fun and I had no frame rate issues.”

Todd has so much more to share with you. You can read it all via his comprehensive review. Feel free to comment or leave a message for Todd.