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Curious what review X-Plained.Com brings you this time? This time your reviewers Andy Clarke and Angelique van Campen checked, tested and flew the JCS / X-Aerodynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon. The F-16 was originally made by General Dynamics, but ok, that’s history.

According to both reviewers “This model is not as detailed or as complicated as some and many systems work automatically, rather than having to be handled by the pilot, and whilst some may feel this limits the use of the aircraft it does free up the pilot to fly and enjoy the renown agility and responsiveness of the F16.”

They continue “The developers have made key systems usable along with the additional functions such as refuelling and weapons release. The streamlining of processes to start the aircraft and the straight forward methods of obtaining flight information from the various displays means the user can enjoy the flight experience itself and appreciate the all round visibility the model provides.”

Want to read there comprehensive review? Check it out via this F-16 Fighting Falcon link. By the way; the review is based on model or package version 2.0.3.