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Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen goes back to her GA roots; exploring, flying and testing the Airfoillabs Cessna C172SP Skyhawk. She rents this X-Plane 10.51 and X-Plane 11 model at KJGG and makes a IFR flight from EHBK to ELLX. By the way; her overall impressions are based on using X-Plane 11 as flight simulator platform.

And, is it fun? Is it worth the model?
Angelique concludes that the Airfoillabs C172SP is worth every penny although some external and internal weathering would be a bit more realistic.

Knowing this, the rest of the model and the implemented features is overwhelming, even with her real C172 experience.

You’re curious what she has to say about it and how she felt the aircraft flies? Then there’s an absolute need to read her comprehensive Airfoillabs review.