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X-Plained.Com is pleased to offer you an in-depth review from Axonos/Orbx Grand Cayman Owen Roberts Airport written by Paul Beckwith. The Owen Roberts International Airport is the main entry point for the Cayman Islands that feature an airport on each of the three Islands. As can be expected from Paul, with a lot of passion and sight seeing hours he has explored the modelled airport.

According to Paul “Axonos’ rendition of Owen Roberts International Airport brings another island airport to X-Plane’s Caribbean world and is a welcome addition to other Caribbean Island airports available for the sim for pilots that enjoy tropical island hopping. The package does an admirable job of presenting the essence of this gateway to the Cayman Islands with its customized terminal and outlying buildings, use of ortho imagery, and admirable tarmac textures and details.”

But there’s so much more to explore and to share with you. Curious what Paul has more to offer while checking out this airport? Then he invites you to read his comprehensive review at X-Plained.Com. Enjoy the reading and comments or suggestions are always welcome.