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Your personal reporter and reviewer Angelique van Campen took a virtual flight to Vancouver International Airport, Canada and explored the modeled Canada4XPlane airport. According to Patrick from Canda4XPLane “At Canada4XPlane we develop high quality add-ons for XPlane 11. In addition, our website is a collection of many other Canadian add-ons from other developers, organized neatly in our categories. Our goal is to create the largest site for Canadian Add-ons for XPlane 11.”

Angelique confirm this statement since the overall modeled airport comes with lots of tiny details, and the whole Sea Island is taken into account. It was worth Angelique her time to review this airport and is it worth your money to buy it?

The answer is simple; yes, I enjoyed every minute exploring each corner of the airport. You can read her in-depth review that not only comes with a thorough review of the modeled airport but it also comes with a lot of tips and tricks.