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Our dedicated and long time reviewer Andy Clarke takes a look at the Globall Art SBSP Congonhas Airport. According to Andy “This is a detailed and interesting airport model. There are facilities for using most type of aircraft within the scenery. Textures and colours are realistic and thoughtfully applied. The many flight start options give the user options to use aircraft across all parts of the scenery.”

Andy continues “The additional scenery and suggested plug ins add value. In low light and darkness the scenery maintains its standards and remains interesting and absorbing. The scenery sits well with the surrounding area and the modelling of Sao Paulo adds realistic challenges to using the airport due to the close proximity of urban areas.”

As well as “The scenery is great for the user to become involved in activity on the ground and also looks great from any approach in the air. A very enjoyable airport to use.” Check out Andy’s in-depth review via this X-Plained.Com link.