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We’re at X-Plained.Com are pleased to inform you, on behalf of Bruce Knight our dedicated reviewer, that Bruce took the time and effort and even virtually flew to KLAX to figure out all the ins and outs of the Funner Flight KLAX version 2.5 airport. You might think … this was already updated a while ago, but actually, it has been updated recently in August 2019.

Bruce thinks that “This airport scenery is well done, and reminds me of how much difference third-party airport scenery makes to the immersion of the flight sim experience. Even though the taxying aircraft do not follow traditional ground routes to and from the terminal gates and the runways, they certainly provide immersion.”

Bruce continues “The addition of buildings surrounding the airport (such as hotels), plus the auto traffic in those areas, is another piece of the immersion. The use of options to render the scenery as desired by personal choice is something I have rarely seen before, at least to this scale.”

But there’s much more to explore. Check out our dedicated in-depth review Funner Flight KLAX link written by Bruce.