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Our dedicated reviewer Paul Beckwith flies from Boston via via to KPVC – Provincetown Municipal Airport which is only a flight of 20 minutes. The modeled airport from Ocean State Sceneries seems according to Paul worth his visit and exploration.

Paul writes “Ultimately, I found myself spending a lot of time at KPVC while doing this review and it is an airport I will return to time and again. The charm and character of the New England seashore pervade the scenery and the nuances of a small airport are elegantly captured. While the area does benefit from satellite imagery, the developer’s choice to add the features of Race Point beach and lighthouse does help to bring the seashore to the X-Plane default terrain.”

But there’s more “The VFR landmarks of the two additional lighthouses, various channel markers, the breakwater, and the Pilgrim Monument add to the overall value of the project. If you choose to add satellite imagery and X-World scenery to experience the airport as the developer envisioned it, you will simply add something incredible to an airport that is already amazing.”

Paul hasn’t finished yet. Want to know all the ins and outs of this scenery package? Check it out via Paul’s in-depth review link.