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Our dedicated reviewer Paul Beckwith takes the airplane to Down Under Brisbane. Why? Paul’s interest goes out to the Orbx Brisbane International Airport (YBBN) and believe me, Paul checks out almost every corner of what is modeled.

According to Paul “The number of custom modelled objects included are innumerable. There are so many, in so many different areas, I could not possibly manage to tell you what that count would be. Even so, every structure from the massive terminal buildings to the smallest weather station are treated with the same level of detail. The models, the textures, the colors, and the lighting effects are almost all spot on. As we have seen, the possible exceptions might be the International Terminal glass faces and the airport hotel building textures.”

But there’s so much more Paul would like to share with you with his comprehensive review. Check out Paul’s in-depth Orbx Brisbane International Airport (YBBN) review and enjoy the read. Comments are always welcome!