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On behalf of our dedicated reviewer Paul Beckwith we’re pleased to in form you that Paul finished his comprehensive SFD (Short Final Design) KSFO review. According to Paul “KSFO is a five-star scenery package that is worth much more than the asking price. Period. If you want an example of what every airport scenery package should strive for, look no further than KSFO Definitive by SFD. The attention to detail, the evident skill, the application of texture, orthophotography, and PBR effects are second to none.”

As well as “Add to that the brilliant implementation of what the SAM plugin can bring to an airport, and this becomes an airport to visit again and again. Most impressive is that all of this is done with a negligible impact on frame rate. I could not find one thing to not like about this airport and I do believe that is a first for me.”

No more words needed. Check out his in-depth review via this link.