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Our dedicated reviewer Todd C. flew to KBOI or also known as Boise Air Terminal which is modeled with great precision by Vertical Simulations or just short Verticalsim. According to Todd “Verticalsim has a very strong reputation of being a top-notch scenery developer for X-Plane and it is evident with this scenery outing. The scenery is very much a real-life representation of the Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Field that has been painstakingly recreated to introduce the simmer to the unique nature of the airport.”

Hold on, there’s more “For me, the Boise Air Terminal XP scenery package very well done and is worth the 23.99 USD that is being charged for the scenery. The scenery has proven to be a great addition to my flight sim universe. I am also very appreciative of the hard work that Andrew and his team has put into the modeling of the airport which results in an outstanding recreation of the Boise Air Terminal and Gowen Field.”

And now it’s time to check out Todd’s review via this review link. Enjoy the reading and comments are as always welcome.