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Flying GA aircraft is fun, at least, that’s how I feel it. You can, if you want to, use the Garmin on-board equipment or fly just VFR and see whatever comes along. Today I decided to make a short test flight with the Alabeo M20R Ovation, departing from Lugano Airport and flying after climbing out to 8000 feet, in a Northern direction.

Besides that I have install from the new HD and UHD mesh packages, I have also installed from Zones Photo the ortho ground texture images from Switzerland and surrounding area.

And had I fun, was it OK, was the aircraft OK or did I see something weird?
No, not at all. Ok, it wasn’t a thorough review or in-depth impression, but I got the idea that the external textures and 3D cockpit textures are of a higher level then before. It was overall a fun flight and a very easy aircraft to fly, but that was something that didn’t surprise me.

Enjoy our exclusive screenshots!