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Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen dives this time in the Alabeo Staggerwing.

It’s not one of the latest Alabeo aerobatic aircraft models, neither less, it’s still worth to check it out, also because of the aerobatic flight dynamics. The current version 3.2 is officially only compatible with X-Plane 10.51, but that doesn’t mean she can’t check it with X-Plane 11.

That said, Angelique tested for you the Staggerwing with both X-Plane versions and although the Staggerwing doesn’t benefit from all the exclusive X-Plane 11 features, it’s still a great aircraft to fly.

According to Angelique “The Alabeo Staggerwing is an easy aircraft to fly, an awesome 3D model with a nice and realistic cockpit. And yes, the cockpit looks quite simple, but it looks the same as the real Staggerwing, so there’s nothing wrong with that. The Alabeo Staggerwing comes with a few liveries, but additional liveries have been uploaded at X-Plane.Org.

Curious what she has to say? In case you are, check out her in-depth Staggerwing review link.