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All In One (Enhanced X-Plane) 2.5.0

We’re pleased to inform you that X-Plained.Com and in consult and with the approval of X-Plane.Org user XPE573 (Rafael Santos Fernández), that we will host this very nice X-Plane 11 Lua add-on. As said already, this Lua based script needs the FlyWithLua script which can also be found at our website.

According to Rafael Santos “You will find everything you need to configure X-Plane’s environment in this script. You can improve lights, clouds, water, airports, roads … absolutely everything. Just download it and try it out and you will be amazed what you can all change. And please don’t forget to read the included English/Spanish Acrobat manuals.”

Rafael Santos continues “Share your settings files in the forum. We could create a community! Together we can find better combinations of the parameters. Share your world!”

Very important:
You have to unzip the .zip file in the \X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\FlyWithLua\Scripts folder and the “All In One” option will appear in the FlyWithLua macro menu. See also the included Acrobat manual for more information. You can also assign a key to the macro to run it quickly. If you have earlier versions, please update! We will try to keep this add-on utility for you up-to-date.

If you like Rafael Santos his product, then think about a donation to him. As Rafael Santos says; it’s free, but if you want to invite me to a coffee, you can use Paypal – – I will be thankful. And when you’ve decided to download it, install it and test it, please leave a comment for Rafael Santos.

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All In One (683.0 KiB, 165 downloads)