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x-plane-11-menusYes without doubt that can be said … an all new layout, but for sure there’s so much more to explore.

Flying – yes, yes, I know, logically – is also on my program, but I found it first a good idea to look around and get the feeling with this all new X-Plane 11 interface. And yes, I like it the look and feel of the new menu interface very much. It’s indeed totally different, not surprisingly for you since you and I have seen already many movies. It’s clean, it’s logical, it’s refreshing and although it comes with a lot of different sub menu’s, it stays clear where you are. When you go to Settings, you’ll find it all under one hood.

The visualisation of for example your airport spot is great. Oh yes, you could already select in X-plane 10 one of the many airport spots, but now they are visualised and above all, the airport map involved, can be zoomed. Ah, whatever, there’s so much to see and to explore.

That the whole idea of this X-plane 11 menus movie I made. It’s not a flight, not yet, that will come soon, but first ti get the look and feel where to find everything and how to change things. It sounds so logic but it isn’t always the case. Although the new menu system is very refreshing, that doesn’t mean it’s clear to everybody, I could imagine. But believe me, when you see the movie, you’ll be surprised.

Enjoy X-Plane 11 Menus for now!