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Poll-Anything-MissingA poll is nice, oh yes, but about what?
A poll, in this case “And … do you like X-Plained?” could be helpful for everybody. Not only for us, but also for you. We all want that everything we’re looking for is available at X-Plained. Ok, perhaps “that” special review, impression or tutorial will take a week or month to get it ready for you, but that’s not how it works. The “thought” of having everything done within a split second would be great, but far from realistic. Writing about products takes time and with the help of “you”, we can try to make X-Plained better by listening to “your ideas and/or suggestions”. And then still, after a poll is closed, it will still cost some time to implement the ideas and/or suggestions.

Let’s start with this poll and see what the outcome brings. When you have ideas and/or suggestions, then please leave a comment. Please take the time to help us improving – in case you’ve selected “can be improved” – with your comments. But of course, other comments related to X-Plaiend are also welcome.

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