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x-plane-11-738-seriesAnd what do we say or think about the default X-Plane 11 Boeing 737 Series?

At first look it looks nice, but a more thourough check is needed. The external model looks in the sky gorgeous, but that also due to the reflection and the awesome ground textures and environment. It really give me the feeling this is very close to real of what I can remember of my PPL flights and intercontinental flights.

Anyway, I wanted to have a quick X-Plane 11 default Boeing 737 look and feel and I got that and therefore, I decided to make a movie of it. It’s perhaps not perfect yet even are my YouTube movies but that will improve too. And with me always counts the contents and not the outside package.

I would say, enjoy this movie with some interesting lighting details and feel free to comment.

Have Fun!