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Antarctica4XPlane-MountErebusThe Antarctica4XPlane team (Matthias, Nino and Paolo) are proud to present Part II of our Antarctica Mesh Scenery Antarctica4XPlane. This second part covers the Victoria Land and northern parts of the Transantarctic Mountains down to -80 degrees. Consult our website for further informations on this release and all previously released parts of our Antarctica Mesh Scenery.

Antarctica4XPlane is working now about a year on this challenging Antarctica Mesh Scenery and we will continue our Antarctica4XPlane project to present further parts of the coldest and driest continent on our earth. If you like Antarctica4XPlane and want to support the further development, then please visit our support-site.

Installation is simple:
Unarchive the downloaded file and place the folder Antarctica4XPlane_2v1 into your Custom Scenery directory and add the following line near the bottom (below the research base sceneries and above earlier parts of our antarctica mesh scenery) of your scenery_packs.ini:
SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Antarctica4XPlane_2v1/

Note: We strongly recommend to switch on “runways follow terrain contours”.

This package includes the new part of our Antartica Mesh for X-Plane, but no Research Base Station Sceneries – they will follow shortly. Anyway, you can already enjoy the beauty of the Victoria Land: We can suggest to start at one of X-Plane’s default runways NZIR, NZPG or NZWD. Fly northeast over Ross Island and climb up to the crater of Mount Erebus or fly northwest to the Dry Valleys – to name just two of the interesting spots you will discover.

Antarctica4XPlane comes exclusively for X-Plane, for free and personal use only, but without guarantee and warranty. You are not allowed to republish this scenery or to use any part of it in your own sceneries. Please report violations to maps2xplane via a personal message in the forum.