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x-plane-settingsHold on …. Can any iMac handle X-Plane 10 …. without doubt that every iMac can run X-Plane 10, but you could add to this …. what hardware do you need to run X-Plane 10 smoothly?

According to Angelique “That isn’t easy to answer, By the way, it also depends what your preference is and thus the overall FPS (Frame Rates per Second). I’ll try to answer that as far as possible, but it will only be applicable to those who have a Mac computer with an Intel based CPU. As it turns out, I do have Apple’s bootcamp installed, so I’m also able to run a native version of Windows 10 Professional and thus the Windows X-Plane 10, but my preference is Mac OS X and MacOS.”

You can read Angelique’s personal iMac experience here at X-Plained via this link.