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Avare Moving map / Flight planner

Avare-Flight-Planner-for-Android1Received this interesting article/tutorial from our SketchUp guru Marc Leydecker aka Belga12345. It deals with the Avare moving map and flight planner or to be exactly …. Avare Flight Planner/Charts/Moving Maps on ANDROID linked to X-Plane (US/Canada only). Yes, sorry for those who own an iPhone and don’t live in the US/Canada, like me!

According to Marc Leydecker “You can turn any GSM (cell phone/mobile phone) into a moving map and flight planner. It will even show meteo, taxiways, charts, etc. and CONNECTS to X-Plane. And yes, many other payware programs can do the same, some for just a couple of USD, but the offered solution from Marc doens’t cost you anything!

As said before, unfortunately this feature is only avalable for North America.” When you have found or know an option for Europa and/or for Apple iOS equipment, then please let us know.

You can grab this free copy of Marc’s Android tutorial to turn your Android mobile into a moving map and flight planner and much more. Some last words from Marc ”Quite amazing as you can even draw notes on the Android screen while using it as a moving map.”



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Avare Flight Planner for Android (3.4 MiB, 75 downloads)