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Madang Regional Airport

AYMDMadang, Papua New Guinea is this scenery package is a replica 3D to the original one, updated to the year 2015. This version is for X-Plane 10 and tested with X-Plane 10.42 in Windows 64 bits.

Madang Airport (IATA: MAG, ICAO: AYMD), is an airport located in Madang, Papua New Guinea. During World War II, occupied by the Imperial Japanese Army in January 1943, as a forward operating airfield for aircraft based at Wewak. Later expanded to a 3250′ x 240′ runway with a single taxiway with 31 revetment areas. Bombed by the allies during late 1943 and early 1944 the airfield became unserviceable.

iberated by Australian Army forces on 24 April 1944. A large amount of high octane fuel was captured and used by the Australians for use in the Royal Australian Navy motor launch boats. The airfield was repaired and used by the Royal Australian Air Force until the end of the war.

The contents of the package is:
– Detailed 3D replica buildings
– Accuracy pavement color
– Precision GSE and objects reproduction
– Quality orthophoto imagery
– High detailed ground mark’s apron, runway and taxiways as the real one
– Lots of stuffs and vegetation for the Pacific region
– Terrain mesh corrected

You need for this the following:
– CDB-Library v.2.2 update on January, 8th 2016.
– 3D people library
– Flags_of_the_world
– OpenScenery

The “yxz_CDB_Mesh” package is now included in the ZIP file.

Cami De Bellis

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AYMD |Madang Airport (28.2 MiB, 110 downloads)