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Hey folks,

It’s always a pity to be back home, in particular when you’re back home after a wonderful holiday. The Scottish vacation was again a success. We’ve seen a lot and traveled from Glasgow to Fort William. After a couple of days being here, we moved to Uig on the Ilse of Skye. Great village although village is a bit too much. Anyway, the East side of the Isle of Skye is gorgeous. For some reason I didn’t want (didn’t dare) to drive with the caravan via “single road tracks” to Ullapool and therefore we decided to via Inverness to Ullapool. An other option was taking the ferry from Uig to the island of Harris, drive a bit around and move to the island of Lewis and from there taking an other ferry to Ullapool. Unfortunately we didn’t do this this time, but the next time we take the Caledonian Macbrayne ferries.

Anyway, from Ullapool – the end of the holiday is in sight – we drove via Inverness back to Perth and Edinburgh. Two days later via the M6, A66 and A1(M) to Leeds and Hull.

And this means the end of my vacation, and back in the office.
There’s a lot to do, a lot to consider what to write, what to review and so on. Too many plans and perhaps our readers are coming up with review requests. We’ll see. At the end … good to be back in the office.