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So sad, but X-Plane flight simulation work has been started again after a holiday of 3 weeks. Not easy to pick up all the news, starting with reviews etc. But there’s also good news to start with.I’ve received from Andy Clark and Jude Bradley their comprehensive reviews. Soon to be published.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank our advertisers – Laminar Research, JARDesign, SimWare and soon also vFlyteAir – who thrust in X-Plained.Com. And not to forget all our members who show their interest in our reviews, articles etc.

What else to say … I think we’ll soon have some new members who are willing to assist with X-Plained.Com. Talks are on-going. No shows nearby, no additional news. Perhaps that I’m thinking now of buying a new iMac or will it this time be a Windows computer. I’m not sure yet but I keep you in the loop.

for now .. back to work, back in the FFS (Full Flight Simulator)!